петък, 13 януари 2017 г.

A shooter is a painter who paints using the captures and light it through their lens. Just like the painter, they capture the scene by creating a graphic that reflects the emotion and enough time inside of a photograph. Also, they are a tale teller as every picture has a tale and can show a lot about the person taking the photo. It is always good to have the ability to see and explore the global world through the works of shooter. Clarke has a unique perspective on his photographs and always searches for the right light and angle to make things just right.
Among the photography lovers who's eager to promote their works together with the earth is Clarke Morley. He shares his passion in arts and his artistic works through his gallery website. This is the destination to find his works ranging from photographs, sketches, and drawings. Clarke Morley's Picture taking is focusing on the nature, structures, and humans likewise. He uses both DSLR camera and cell phone camera to produce his photographic works mostly along with his Nikon D5500. But also likes to find out more about the older SLR world and takes some regular prints also and has spent a while now in the darkroom learning about the non-digital world and some of the items traditional film can bring out in his works.
Located in Portland Oregon, Clarke stocks works from the Pacific Northwest frequently but he also trips quite somewhat around america and loves place like London and Sidney. Clarke is also studying photography in school and hopes to make a career out of picture and art.
Please visit his gallery website to see most of his artworks he has posted. You shall love to find collections of beautiful photos presented there. It really is like the quest can be followed by you of the professional photographer though a variety of places and many situations. You can also find the whole story of each photo and technical information about the photo. If you're a photographer or have desire for this field, you'll be very interested and in a position to learn a complete whole lot from this gallery. He also draws and paints and has included many of these items on the gallery for others to take pleasure from.